LeapEnergy Investment and Trade LLC is an energy company that develops renewable power solutions on distributed generation (DG) platforms focusing on end-use grid-tied and off-grid applications. The company is actively innovating through integration of proven technologies for off-grid export markets.

"Our innovations


not market share."


LeapEnergy at a Glance:



Founded: March 2013



Technology Integrator


Type: Renewable Solar





About LeapEnergy

We believe in the global access to electricity. Billions have no access to electricity grid. Yet, economic empowerment and growth is strongly correlated to electricity use. We are here to ensure access through our end-use distributed generation (EUDG) platforms to leapfrog the grid and enhance grid security through our off-grid and grid-tied EUDG. The principle behind EUDG is disruptive innovation. We innovate, adapt and integrate for the utilization of energy content in the delivery of sustainable outcomes.


Strategic Value

We approach our commitment for global access to electricity with a single focus to integrate technologies with geo-global resources.



Our core competence lies in research into the use of distributed generation (DG) to solve electricity access. Founder was a member of a team who received a grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) International Energy Grant in 1999 for research into the use of natural resources in Africa (Nigeria) for DG operation. This opportunity opened up and led to extensive development into energy content deployment on the platform of Distributed Generation (DG).



Augustus Pela, Managing Partner/CEO received his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering in 1981 from California State Polytechnic University.  He has over 30 years of experiences in private and public sectors. He is an expert in global energy content deployment for sustainability. He holds a graduate degree (Masters International Management) with specialization in Energy Resources Management and Policy from University of Maryland where he also received an MBA in 2009.

He serves on the Board of for profit and non-profit companies including, Avilos Catering.