LeapEnergy Investment and Trade LLC is an energy company that develops renewable power solutions on distributed generation (DG) platforms focusing on end-use grid-tied and off-grid applications. The company is actively innovating through integration of proven technologies for off-grid export markets.

“By 2035, there will

be almost no poor countries left in

the world.”


Bill Gates Foundation [2013]

End-Use Engine: Access2Power™


The Access2Power™ is the engine of the End-Use management and control of the eEUDG. The gEUDG1.2kW will do what a typical fuel based generator with a capacity of 5kVA.


The gEUDG1.2 will harvest an average of 7.6kWh/day enough solar renewable power to sustain practically all loads for a modest home with modern appliances with energy efficiency in urban African country. During the peak load, the gEUDG-series will support the default base/primary load which is a refrigerator, an air conditioner, and TV. The peak load configuration is for about 6hrs at 0.46kW which consumes about 36% of the capability. The diagram below illustrates the balance of the load use and management during the day for the balance of 64% can effectively power the refrigeration and watching TV and powering lights, computers or other accessories.