LeapEnergy Investment and Trade LLC is an energy company that develops renewable power solutions on distributed generation (DG) platforms focusing on end-use grid-tied and off-grid applications. The company is actively innovating through integration of proven technologies for off-grid export markets.


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EUDG Pay-as-You-Go


In recent times, very low power level products such as solar lamps capable of lighting a small area and charging phones have come into the market. Increasingly, more people can afford such products and buy it outright or pay a fee for its use until it is paid for. This is often done under a pay-as-you-go protocol. This is valuable to bridge the gap to basic lighting.

We recognize the need for millions to access electricity more robustly for greater productive use. We have taken the concept of the EUDG products and the pay-as-you-go capabilities deployed through mobile technology to enable off-grid power end users to do practically whatever their needs are.


The gEUDG-2.4 will provide uninterruptable access for light, refrigeration, some cooling, TV, and food processing such as grinder or microwave. With an average of 6-7hours of sun power for most sits in Africa the gEUDG2.4 produces about 16.8kWh. With a global average rate of electricity of $0.11/kWh the electricity produced will fetch $1.85/day. Therefore, for 30 days, it will result in $56. We will install the basic system for anyone desiring to have robust access to electricity for $32/month.



How the Access2PowerTM pay-as-you-go works:


24/7 Access2Power: Energy consumption occurs sometimes when the sun is no longer available at dawn or dusk. The gEUDG technology powered by Acess2Power innovation is the backbone for solar power harvested during the day, used during the day and stored during the day in batteries or thermal storage for self-use 24/7.  The figure below illustrates that for a typical household usage more than enough energy can be harvested over a 6-7hour period. Can we use this energy whenever it’s needed? The answer is yes and LeapEnergy brings that to the end-user.



Connect & Add: For a less than $1.05/day you can start with the gEUGD1.2. The Connect & Add feature makes the Access2Power unique in its kind because it is possible to start small and add capabilities.


Pay-as-you-go: At your request we install a 1.2kW solar module and an gEUDG1.2 system and with an activation fee you are set for 24/7 Access2Power with capacity of 7,600Wh daily.  In contrast, many solar lamps which have a limited function for charging mobile pnone and power to light 2 LED lights produce 20Wh. Click here to see all you can do with the gEUDG1.2.


Own it: To buy the gEUDG, contact us.