LeapEnergy Investment and Trade LLC is an energy company that develops renewable power solutions on distributed generation (DG) platforms focusing on end-use grid-tied and off-grid applications. The company is actively innovating through integration of proven technologies for off-grid export markets.


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In a short period of time, our operations have evolved into a global presence in North America and Africa so far. The North America market has been primarily grid-tied using existing market mechanisms such as Renewable Standard Offer (RSO), investment tax credit, and specific state by state initiatives such as Green Power Provider (GPP) in Tennessee as sustainability engine. With our EUDG-Kit product lines, the USA, Canada and Mexican customers can now purchase EUDG kit for either grid-tied or off-grid use.


The African market has and remains an off-grid product and application market.



Explore the map below to see where our current Grid-Tied and Off-Grid EUDGs are located.